North Carolina needs new leadership


Meet Chad Stachowicz

Chad Stachowicz

Chad Stachowicz is a resident of South Charlotte, business leader, husband, and father. As the founder and CEO of a technology company headquartered in Charlotte, Chad understands what it takes to grow jobs of the future and be a leader in the region. He is running for North Carolina Senator in District 39.

North Carolina is represented by a state legislature that essentially elects itself through partisan gerrymandering. Like many of you, Chad feels he is not accurately being represented and is ready to take this fight head on so the citizens of North Carolina can have a legislature consisting of the individual's voters want in office. Chad will support independent redistricting regardless of the political party in power.

Building Opportunity in North Carolina

In 2014, Chad founded Cloverhound with a vision of creating jobs and opportunity in the city of Charlotte. With employees between North Carolina, Colorado, and Ohio, Chad's eyes are open to what it takes to grow good paying, local jobs with benefits such as healthcare and retirement that are needed to take care of employees. Cloverhound is proof that you can create a business that provides quality lives for employees while still being successful. Chad wants to take his experience and leadership to Raleigh so he can fight to provide quality lives for every single citizen of North Carolina.

What I stand for


If we want the best future for our state, it starts with educating our citizens to the best of our ability. I say, citizens, because it's not just children, it's all of us who need education to stay competitive in the America of tomorrow. If we want North Carolina to be a leader in education, we need to re-evaluate our curriculum for children and our approach to re-training our citizens for new jobs. The era of automation is coming, and citizens young and old will require new skills to stay competitive. North Carolina should be leading this charge.

Fiscal Responsibility

We must review our state budget and make sure the right issues are being addressed with our tax dollars. Taxpayers want education, infrastructure, clean water, safe streets and to be able to live a healthy life. We need to prioritize our spending to reflect these values so we and our children can prosper for generations to come and aren't left picking up the pieces from our short-sighted decision making.

Chad Stachowicz

Social Equality and Upward Mobility

North Carolina is home to a diverse group of Americans with an even more diverse set of views. However, at the root of it all, we were all created equally regardless of sex, race or religion. North Carolina is a state of inclusion, and we must fight to make sure all citizens and visitors alike feel welcome as we move forward. We can't expect to solve our upward mobility problem or grow our economy to its full potential when we are shackling ourselves with terrible legislation such as HB2.

Infrastructure and Environment

Any visitor that comes through our state will quickly comment on how beautiful it is. From the Blue Ridge mountains to the outer banks of North Carolina, we live in a gorgeous state. We need to keep it that way regardless of big corporate money and privitized interests. From the toll roads on 77 to the coal ash ponds, corporations are getting rich off the well being of our citizens and if elected I will fight to put an end to it.